About My Journey

Guided Fitness presents my personal wellness journey. Musing and sarcasm included.

Does this happen to you? “Okay, Nic (self), it’s time to make some changes. Let’s try a new workout plan, new eating style, new goal (effing New Years).” You make a decision, you research said decision, and you are bombarded with conflicting information. Or people claiming they have the answers for whatever issue ails you. Seriously, what’s up with that?

It’s obvious to me that every body, both the individual and their corporeal manifestation, is different. What works for some does not work for others. Frustration ensues and then “F*** this, I am out!” All that Google research you did, time spent planning, weighing, measuring, etc, all down the drain and why? Because… I wish I had an answer.

So to combat this rollercoaster of information that makes sense, doesn’t make sense, fad diets, cardboard flavoured water soluble powder that some ripped individual suggested for you… Okay now I am not even following my own line of thought. Let’s try that again. Information is everywhere for health and wellness. But quality information is not! So I have decided to journal my wellness journey and follow a variety of different plans to how my body responds. I am sharing this with you, not as a pay 9.99$/month to learn the secrets of a slim waist line (let’s face it, slim I will never be and I am so good with being fat). But as an anecdotal experience, some inspiration and maybe some entertainment.