Dates All Twisted

All right my friends, I seem to have all my days twisted. You see what happens when you don’t remain consistent. This applies to so many things and apparently journaling as well. So here’s the thing. I could go back and calculate what week we are actually at, and I probably will at some point. (Side note: I did check it out and I seem to be a week off. This is the 21st week of the year and I started this journey very close to New Years). However, I think the bi-weekly changes are coming to a close. I have a pretty solid understanding of how my body responds to a variety of stimuli.

Now is this to say my journey is finished? No! Now that I have a clearer picture I can play around with my goals and challenge on a more lengthy timeline. I am thinking month to month with a weekly check in. Check ins will not be for weight, but rather for the other challenges outlined for the month.

This is going to be a lot of new, since my intention come June 1st was to follow the #75Hard trend. I know, but I am a sucker for a good challenge. I am actually adding in a whole series of challenges for clients and members of the gym. Anyway, not related really. I will write out the idea behind 75 Hard or you can google, some great stuff comes up, and full disclosure, some not so great stuff. Like anything really. This is not a post about 75 Hard this is more to let you know that I am all screwed up with my dates and week counting and all that. I wanted to be fully transparent.

I do have all my stats for every single day written down in my spreadsheet, so I didn’t take a little side journey. I think one two-week plan ended up being three without my realising the week had disappeared somewhere. That’s what happens when you get busy. Happy problems, I guess. I do love being busy. I actually thought we were on week 18. How? Blame Covid, or confinement or whatever.

It has also just come to my attention that I did not do an April Recap. I will work on that this week. I do have pictures, at least I am fairly certain I do. I should have it up just in time to do the May one… I might have to start vlogging instead of typing, always looks so much easiest. I am most certain it is not. Just seems like it would be nice to turn on a camera and go. I am fully aware more work and effort goes into it.

To tide you over, here is a beautiful picture of my supper this evening:

I didn’t do any filters or anything, just some raw deliciousness. Grilled chicken breast, plastic cheese on top. Sautéed Bok Choy with garlic. Oven roasted sweet potato and asparagus. Cal: 420

Well that is all I have for today. I don’t know how I got everything topsy turvy but it is what it is. Now to finish writing anything post about the lessons I have learned about weight loss.