And We’re Back

Apparently maintenance is not my thing and I have failed rather significantly. So it looks like we are back to some more mindful exercise and eating protocols.

There have been some intense changes to my daily schedule as I am not teaching full time and running the gym. I believe these time constraints have contributed to my complete and utter neglect of my body. This cannot continue. I am starting to feel my cardiac symptoms again, my resting heart rate has increased, my cardio is atrocious and there is too much fat on my body. (Big is beautiful, however I am not comfortable with my current size.)

So what to do? Rather than start another insane training plan like 75Hard, I am going to slowly build up again. So for this month, my main focus is just getting my steps up to 15,000 and being mindful in my nutrition. With food logging, but not as intense as last year.

I am also working on some self reflection worksheet concerning binge and over eating. This will hopefully help me overcome some of my impulses.

We’ll see what this brings.