Week 17 and 18: Plan

I know I have not posted the previous weeks and the week 14 and 15 done post. Shit got busy. However I am working on putting them together I did have a set of goals throughout those weeks and kept records, just haven’t put pen to paper, so to speak.

These next two weeks should be interesting with an eating protocol change and new resistance training plan. I am really looking forward to it actually.

Starting off:

Weight: 85.7 kg

Hips*: 106 cm

Waist*: 83 cm

Body Fat Percentage: 33.9%

VO2 Max: 37

*From May 2nd

The Plan



Aiming for thirty minutes per day focused on my own training.


Minimum 11,000 steps every single day

Weight Training:

Changing my programme to a Push/Pull/Leg split. 6 different workouts. Three days on, followed by one day off, repeat. The workouts are about an hour each including warm up.

Ab Work:

Aiming for daily ab workout. Nothing structured per se but there should be some ab specific time in every day.


Minimum 5 km every day. The goal is to do these outside as much as possible. With the warmer weather and later curfew it should be possible.


Trying to fit in cardio daily, beyond the walk that is. I am having some difficulty with time during the day. However, I would like to try. I am not committing to anything longer than 5 daily minutes (this is on top of the karate training). If a schedule starts to manifest, I will make loftier goals for the following weeks.

Yoga and Stretching:

No specific goal for now, however, making sure I add a little bit every day. As the weather warms up, it is perfect to work on flexibility.



The goal is to remain below 1800 but above 1400. I know this is a big range. At the beginning of this weekly plan, my energy was way down. So I bumped up my calories and feel much better. My reasoning is so long as I stay below 1800 I am winning. Especially given the number of calories I am burning through every day.

Macro Distribution:

Changing this up a little. Rather than having a particular distribution for all macros, I am aiming for 140ish grams of protein per day. The remaining calories can be in whatever ratio that keeps me satiated.


Oh one day…. Aim 3L

Other Things:

School is finished… For the moment anyway. So this frees up a significant amount of time.

I will be teaching often, including a new Bootcamp Kickboxing class (so excited for this).

I will be participating in a Kickboxing class weekly.

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