75 Hard Again and Post COVID updates

Okay, my friends, we are doing 75 Hard again. I loved it so much the first time, I figured why not start the New Year with it! I am also recovering from covid. I was not super ill but there one month since symptoms first showed and I am still recovering. So this challenge seems like a great way to “detox” myself from bad habits I get into while sick and from not paying attention to my food and exercise over the last month. Though truthfully it has been a bit longer, covid is just a convenient excuse.

So here we go again!

Starting off point:

Weight: 76.5 Kg

Body Fat %: 28.8%


2 workouts a day, minimum 45 minutes, 1 outside, minimum 3 hours apart.

Here’s the plan:

Weight Training:

Continuing on with my PUSH/PULL/LEG split. Three days on, one day off. This is an 8 day cycle, so 5 or 6 resistance training sessions a week.


On days without resistance training, I will be doing yoga. I might make it more frequent but not committing just yet.

Outdoor Training:

I am alternating between walks, and walk/jog intervals. On push and rest days from weights, I will be doing my jog intervals, and walking on the other days. Minimum 45 minutes and outside.


I will be continuing with my martial arts training but this will be separate from the 75 hard. I have jogging and weight training goals. (More on that another time)


Since gyms are closed at the moment, I am only teaching private sessions, so I will have to make myself move more throughout the day.

Eating Protocol:

My “diet” is going to be very simple, under 1800 calories a day, clean food. That’s it. You know me, I like to play around with my macros (not that it makes a difference, really, a calorie is a calorie). For the 75 days I likely will be playing around with them, but not committing to one ratio for the entire time.

There will be no alcohol, no sweets, and no cheats.


F*cking water… 4 Litres a day! The good side to this time, vs last time, I am a bit more accustomed to drinking more and while it will inevitably still be very difficult, it’ll be easier than the first time. I do have to be careful, upon starting this challenge (while writing this I am in Day 3) I found the water overfilled me, and my eating suffered, meaning I ate very little and with the amount of exercise involved, that is not a good plan!


I still have a bunch of books to read. Not the sort of entrepreneurial style that is suggested for 75 Hard but rather ones that are relevant to my own self development. Think fitness, health, martial arts, well being, housekeeping… you get the idea. I keep track via GoodReads.

Progress Picture:

Take a picture every single day. Unfortunately I started with pictures in my bathroom, which is not terribly pretty. I really need to invest in a full length mirror for my bedroom… Anyway, picture every day 🙂

Some Thoughts Before Starting This Time:

This time is a little different than the first time, obviously. The knowledge that I have already done this challenge might actually be more of an obstacle than a benefit. I tend to get lazy when it is something I have already done. I will overcome this during the challenge, but figured I should mention it anyway.

After completing the challenge the first time, I started reading more about other people’s experiences with 75Hard. I can see where their criticisms come from. This is not a sustainable plan. My understanding, however, is that sustainability was never the intention. It is a challenge, not a lifestyle.

Looking back on the first experience, it was great, I did feel good throughout, but it did feel very isolating. Was that a consequence of the challenge or living through a pandemic? I don’t have the answer. What I do know, is that this challenge will likely save my mental health through this wave of covid chaos, because I need something to go hardcore with, something healthy and not alcohol or other substances. So going to go crazy with the health kick instead.

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