November Monthly Goals

Okay, so as much as I need a bunch of variety in my check ins and goals, this whole two week thing is just not working out for me, so I have got to change it to something a little more consistent but still having some opportunities for change.

The colder weather is here-ish and that means getting into the habit of dealing with the cold and still doing outdoor workouts or activities. Among the many things I took away from my experience with 75Hard, was the daily outdoor activity. The last few months, though I have been doing some training outdoors, it has not been daily. So let’s bring that shit back. And make it more of a habit before the full force of winter months freezingness hits me.

Let’s get into it

Starting off points:

Weight: 74.0 kg

Body Fat Percentage: 27.4

VO2 Max: 44

Stats are from November 2nd, 2021. (Yes, I put on a good chunk of weight since the end of 75Hard, it was to be expecting, plus add in a month (or two) of not tracking and yeah, weight goes up.

The Plan:


Resistance/Weight Training:

Going back to my PPL (Pull, Push, Legs), I was not enjoying my previous workout. This seems to be the style of training I enjoy the most. 3 days on, 1 day off, repeat.

I am following a strict warm up session, comprised mostly of body weight exercises, think push ups, walking lunges, rows, etc. After I have completed the warm up, I am moving on to 3 plyometric exercises related to the specific day, pull, push or legs. Think box jumps on leg day. That sort of thing.


Every day! I don’t add enough proper cardio, like getting the heart rate up high cardio. I do a lot of movement, and that it wonderful, however, I am a cardiac patient, I am a person who needs their heart to be in optimal shape for the likely, probably inevitable time that some part of my heart decides to fail again. Yes, feeling kind of dark these days. I am going with it!

So what will this look like? Kickboxing class on Mondays. On Tuesdays I have my karate class, however, I have noticed that there are many ups and downs with my heart rate during these classes. Which makes sense, we are learning as well as doing. Sometimes there are moments when I spend time writing rather than jumping around. So, on Tuesdays I will add in an extra 20 minutes of steady state cardio somewhere. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be a variety of some sort of cardio. I have no classes (other than the ones I am teaching) so maybe some cardio machines, elliptical, rower, bike, or some HIIT, heavy bag training, hardcore karate practice, that sort of thing. You get the idea. Jogging intervals.


3 days a week, I will be doing some jogging intervals. Working up to longer steady jogs. This will be the cardio for the day. The days are not specific since they will be my rest days and one more during the week, probably some push days. The intervals are for 500m at a time, walking 250m in between. There are 7 intervals, something like that.


Aiming for a simple 3k of walking on days I am not jogging. I like getting outside for walks and want to create the habit of walking daily even in the sh*tty weather.


Going for the daily 10,000 steps. Arbitrary number and likely not difficult to hit especially with the amount of movement I am planning. That being said, I like having a step goal so keeping it there.


Is this the month where I succeed in daily yoga? Hopefully. Following the daily plan outline by Yoga with Adrienne, cause she is awesome.



Going to be counting everything this month. The goal is to between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day. Minimal snacking unless I am hungry.









Going for 3L a day.

Thoughts Before Starting:

I have been lazy, like LAZY lately when it comes to my food. Exercise and movement have never been issues for me but food, it is a struggle when I stop tracking carefully. I tend to over eat, and eat garbage when I am not tracking. So getting back into the proper mindset of nourishing my body rather than finding something convenient.

I have a flu shot scheduled for the first day of this month, last year the shot took me out for almost a week. Hopefully this year it will be different.

I forgot to weigh in prior to coffee and breakfast eating, so stats will be retroactively added after this post. I will date it on top.

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