March Recap

So I started writing a February one, and failed at publishing it. Not going to cry over spilt milk. Moving on, let’s look at what changed in a single month.

Full disclosure, March was the biggest change in terms of weight. Not so much in the inches that I am tracking, which was odd. Perhaps muscle lose happened, but I don’t feel like it did. I believe the weight change was the result of fat lose outside of the measurements I take. I will be taking more measurements in the future to track better.

March 1st 2021

Weight: 98.1 kg

April 1st 2021

Weight: 91.2 kg

Okay, so let’s get into this… Obviously the pictures are not in the same position and a little offish. Different mirror pane = Different look. I forgot to check which part of the mirror I was in. I did however make sure I wore the same shirt. So a half win, I guess?

Either way, the visible physical changes are less important to me. I still stand by my initial thesis statement of, I will never be thin. I am okay with that. I am happy dropping my BMI and body fat percentage whilst gaining strength and mobility.

In this last month, I have managed to jog longer, lift stronger, basically movement has increased in all kinds of ways. So much so that I have been steadily increasing my weekly cardio expenditure and plan on continuing to do so.

What has been interesting this month, is that though I seem to have lost a lot of weight, the 2 measurements that I take (waist and hips) barely moved. I look at the pictures and I see a change. Maybe I did a shitty job measuring at the start of the month, entirely likely. Oh well, spilt milk again and all that.

This month showed me the “need” to take more than those two measurements. So I will be starting April, well during the second week anyway, taking more measurements and comparing them at the end of the month. See I can learn things 🙂

I am going to end it here for the moment as I also have a shit ton to recap for the last two weeks and update my plans for the next two weeks. Look for it.

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