Week 9 and 10: Done

Here are the changes from the last two weeks.

Weight96.4 kg93.3 kg-3.1 kg
Hips107 cm105 cm-2 cm
Waist86 cm84 cm-2 cm
Body Fat Percentage39.8%38.1%-1.7%
VO2 Max3738+1

Alright, so I am not going to make the other huge long ass table. I have so many tables it is insane. And really it does not tell you too much. So let’s look at movement and fuel recaps without going all anal.


Karate: There was some failure here on my part in my own training. I did a lot of teaching but very little time was focused on my own training, so I am putting that back into the mix for the upcoming week.

Weight Training: I have been weight training 4 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So far it has been great. I have noticed a few places where I will be tweaking my current plan, adding some different movements. The rep range is significantly higher than what I was doing in previous weeks and did not take that into consideration when deciding on my start weight. Luckily, I am pretty smart and do warm up sets, so it became pretty clear right away.

Steps: This has become almost second nature now. I didn’t miss a single goal, which is normal for me at this point. There was a day or two where I was pacing the apartment, but nothing too too bad.

Walking, Jogging, Intervals, etc: So I did not track a total of 5 km each day. I did get my steps in but I was not as focussed here. So, adding this into the next one. With the increased jogging capacity (I am up to 5 minutes at a time, woohoo!) this should be easier, plus the gorgeous weather, plus the lighter curfew. I did travel by foot: 81.75 km during the two weeks, which is not bad. And does average out to more than 5 km per day. However some days were like 8 km while others were like 2.

Cardio: I tried, I failed. Time was not on my side. Adding in more frequent jogs helped, but my legs were usually trashed from the weight training.

Stretching, yoga, flexibility: Another total fail, again adding it again so I can work on it.


Water: Didn’t track water, obviously didn’t have enough :/

Macronutrients and Calories: My macro and calorie counts were on point most of the time. I failed yesterday. Totally forgot to add something to my meal that I have calculated. Ooops. I averaged about 1350 Calories a day. Macros again pretty bang on with that one exception.

OMAD every day.


So I have already written out the plan I have for the next two weeks and took my earlier reflections, the ones in my head, and added them to my future week. You can kind of get an idea of how I have been feeling from that.

OMAD is becoming both a pain and a blessing. I am going to go for two more weeks but this time change my timing. I know I have previously said eating at 3pm is stupid, but you know what? Eating at 930pm even stupider! So going to try to eat earlier and maybe before my workouts, idk, I am still like floating around the ideas. Suffering from a touch of decision making fatigue at this point.

The increased protein actually was an issue and I am happy to be dropping it down again. I don’t know why it was such a struggle but it was. Hell, some days I was double fisting protein shakes… Not my idea of a good time!

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