Week 11 and 12: Plan

I am kind of running out of ideas here on what to change up during these two week intervals. It’s funny at first two weeks felt like FOREVER and now they are flying by so quickly. So what to do?

A good place to start would be my starting stats, so let’s start there.

Starting off:

Weight: 93.3 kg

Hips: 105 cm

Waist: 84 cm

Body Fat Percentage: 38.1% 

VO2Max: 38

The Plan:



30 minutes daily practice for me, minimum.


11,000 steps daily

Weight Training:

Continuing my 4 day split.

Adding in daily abs. I seem to be skipping them as they are not explicitly written in my plan, and time constraints etc, makes them and stretching the easiest to leave out, so adding them in.

Jogging Intervals:

3 days a week minimum, I am adding in a 5 minute jog interval followed by 90 second walk, repeat 4 times. The goal is to slowly build up to jogging 5 km at some point. However, I don’t want to stress my muscle too much as I am doing a lot of strength training to build them.


Everyday, minimum 5 km, unless I am jogging that day.


I have been struggling to find a cardio exercise that will work into my schedule. Now that the curfew is later, I can take advantage of the extra time. So adding in 30 minutes minimum steady state cardio. This can be the elliptical, the bike, boxing, etc. If I failed on doing my karate practice this will go up to an hour. I figure between the two activities I will get in an hour a day. This can also be walking with an incline… I don’t know why but when I am outside I cannot seem to get my heart rate super high.

Yoga and Stretching:

I would like to make this part of my morning routine rather than waiting for the end of the day and then just saying eff it. So 15 minutes every morning. Total of about 20 poses. Let’s see how that goes. Obviously, I will also do some stretching following my workouts, but I would like this to become part of my mornings.



Continuing with the OMAD style of eating I have gotten so accustomed to. I debate internally often about whether or not this is the best plan. Especially with all the exercise, however, I am finding that it is working for me. The plan coming Monday is that I will change my eating time. I am looking to maximise my protein synthesis and what nots, so eating several hours following my work outs is not necessarily ideal. I will try, however I am not commiting to this time structure just yet. We’ll see how it goes.


Aiming for about 1400 a day, a little more or a little less is not really a concern. This seems to be the trend lately in how many calories I am eating and will just embrace it. I have a good balance of energy and deficit going, why mess with a good thing?








This is not an unfamiliar ratio. In fact, this is exactly what I did in Weeks 7 and 8. If the change in eating time works out to my advantage, I may up the carbs and drop the fat since I can use the carbs while working out. But for the next two weeks, let’s leave it like this and see.


Bringing the water counting back in. Dropping it down to 2,000 mL/day. I have been drinking but not keeping track so I think I need to bring this back.

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