Week 5 and 6 Plan

S,o here we go. My wellness journey continues. We are now entering month 2. Be sure to check out my 1 month recap. The plan for Week 5 and 6. I will be starting February 8th and finishing on February 21st.

Starting Off Points:

Weight: 102.0 kg

Hips: 113.5 cm

Waist: 96.5

WHR: 0.85 (woohoo)

Body Fat Percentage: 42.9%

(That’s right, I can now track my BF%, courtesy of a fancy gifted scale)

VO2Max: 34

(Using what my Garmin watch is giving me)

The Plan:


Karate Training:

I will be continuing with my personal training a minimum of 30 minutes everyday, hopefully closer to an hour. I have a 90 minute class style practice weekly, as well.


Again continuing with my teaching schedule. However there is a slight change starting February 15th, where I will be teaching a 3rd and 4th karate class a week. This is on top of the two other classes, weekday 30 minute practices and the 60 minute kids kickboxing class.


I am keeping this at the 10,000 mark. There is a temptation to increase it to 12,000, however, I do not believe I am ready for that just yet. Once I find my rhythm better with school and teaching and training and everything in between, I will definitely consider it.

Walking, Jogging:

Every day. Aiming for 3-7 km a day. Preferably outdoors for the walks. Minimum of 3 outdoor walks a week. Jogging will not be done outside. Falling, slipping, snow, blood thinners, not a good mix, so the jogging intervals remain indoors until the spring.

Jog-Walk Intervals:

This is done indoors. Starting intervals are 10 sets of 60s jogging with 90s walking. I will be increasing the time of the jogs by 5s after each successful completion.

Strength Training:

Time to change it up. I had been doing my kettlebell HIIT workout for just about a month now, so it is time for a change. But what to change it to… We are going to go with a new program, no HIIT this time, unfortunately. The program is 3 times a week (all different workouts) for 4 weeks, so guess how long we will be doing this for? The workouts themselves are fairly straight forward each day consisting of 2 supersets and a single triset. So we will see how this goes. This is again not one that I have created, I actually find it insanely difficult to create workouts for myself. I think that goes back to the original reason I am doing this, not knowing my body as well as I would like to. We are remedying that though.

Cardiovascular Training:

I would very much like to increase the amount of cardiovascular training I am doing, especially since my strength training is now lacking that cardio aspect. The jogs and karate training are wonderful for that, but I feel like my body has gotten used to them and now they are part of the routine. Increasing the jog intervals will be great for that, however, it is rough on my body. My body has never been into jogging, I get foot pain, shin pain, calf pain, ankle pain…. lots of pains. Which is why I am only increasing it slightly through these next two weeks.

So what to do? I would like to add about 24 minutes of daily tabata cardio and abs training every day. The good part about this is I will do it from home probably in the AM and follow it up with my yoga routine (thanks Mom for creating that). I will post the tabata plan and maybe the yoga one as well. Keep in mind this is simple yoga, and specific stretches are for some of my specific problem areas.

Flexibility and Stretching:

One of these days I will be addicted to actually doing some yoga lol. I am not updating this portion of the plan, as I have not been able to get it in consistently. I now



3L a day. If I had a handle on this over the last two weeks I would even consider upping it (you might have notice I spend a lot of time at the gym). However, since I seem to fail at grasping this simple concept, we are going for another 2 weeks with the same goal.


Continuing my 20:4 IF, though it does seem to be a little closer to like 22:2 or 23:1. But the goal remains the same. You can read about my love of Intermittent Fasting. And why it works so well for me. I have thought about trying a 48 hours fast during this time, and I may still add it in depending on how the new routines work for me and if I can find a day where I can be potentially a miserable b*tch.


We are changing it up again. My favourite distribution is the one I did for weeks 1 and 2, however, I am not convinced it was truly my sweet spot. So I will continue to try different distributions until I can know for sure.

When researching different distributions (yes, I read a lot of things, some horrible, some wonderful), I was faced with the now mostly debunked idea of eating different distributions depending on your body type, so guess what? That’s what we are going to do. This one makes me very nervous and will require careful planning.


35%, no big change here


25%, this is scary


40%, I mean, I love fat but this seems a little excessive. We’ll see.


Again I will not be worried about the number of calories I am consuming. I will be striving for somewhere between 1200-1500, but some days I will go over and some days I will be under, and that’s fine. I am all about the macro count.

I am going to start sharing and recording my resting calories, active calories, total calories and eaten calories, just so we can all see the same things I do… There are some mysteries afoot that I would like to solve.


I am really unsure what do expect this month, mainly because my carb intake is so low, not keto or atkins low, but low none the less. I am going to have to be very careful about my fibre because I cannot handle when constipation hits and that is a big worry for me with this distribution. The claims with low carb usually circle around weight loss, so I expect that will come into play. Will it be more or less than other eating ratios? Not super convinced.

I am expecting a couple of days of soreness with the new workout routine. That’s pretty well par for the course when I change my routines. The tabata addition will be interesting. I am not sure how my body will react but I am excited to see what happens. Also, with this new routine, I did not feel there was enough ab work for me. I hate ab work so I need to do more lol. Doing it from home is intriguing. It will either be crazy successful or a total flop and I will find myself looking for an extra 20 minutes at the end of everyday.


Believe it or not, I actually have a specific goal in mind. Well, specific might be too strong a word. I have a goal in mind. I noticed a trend of my VO2Max increasing. For the record, my VO2Max is garbage… But I did notice an unintentional trend of it increasing as I go through this journey. So the hope in these next 2 weeks is to increase it. Now all that extra cardio work makes sense, right? 😉 I think noticing a change in 2 weeks is very ambitious and, okay, sure, very unlikely to notice any big changes but I will take what I can get.

Thoughts Before Starting:

I am super excited that nuts and seeds are back on the menu. I struggled getting them to fit into the last few weeks ratios.

I am a little nervous about adding in the tabata training. I find if I workout too early in the day, I am gassed out by the evening and I have other workouts to do and most importantly, classes to teach. So there will likely be a lot of playing with the times at which I do this workout.

Freaking curfew is still in effect and will continue to be. I am not against it, just annoyed at having to be home at a certain hour and not being able to take a proper walk following my massive meals. I think that would true help with digestion and sleep.

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