Day 1 to 4, Thirsty Thursday

Week 3, Day 1, 2, 3, and 4

Well, I have managed to find 5 whole minutes to post a bit of an update on my new pattern. The title is a bit of a deception, it is the morning of Day 4, so it will not be included in my table this checkin.

I am struggling with certain aspects of this new plan. Specifically my protein percentage. It feels incredibly high to fit into a single daily meal. I think the challenges would be less so if my meals were divided throughout the day. However, with only 10 days left I am going to continue with this pattern until the end and just force my way through it. There are worse problems to have.

The other point of difficulty is the 3L of water. You would think this would be easy but I have only accomplished this once in the last 4 days. I pondered how to fix this issue and have determined that the best course of action for me is to schedule my water. Ridiculous right? But here is what I have found. By the end of the day, which is also when I shovel all the delicious food into my mouth, there is literally no room for anything more in my stomach. I fight just to get my protein shake down. So where the idea of “Oh, I’ll just drink more when I get home.” is not working for me. I usually work out dry because water does weird vertigo things to me. Probably a heart problem consequence. I will wet my mouth a bit and that’s all for my workouts regardless of what I am doing.

Alright, enough blah, blah, blah… Here is the table:


Karate Practice90 mins
Strength TrainingKettlebellsnonenone
Stretching5 minutes5 minutes13 minutes
Walk2km (indoors)2.5km (outdoors)
3.4km (indoors, C25K)
3+km (indoors, C25K)
Discarded my warm up?
Protein35%34%36% (all plant based)
Yay or NayYayYayYay
I decided that I was successful regardless of the water situation!

So, as previously mentioned, water is the big issue. I have manage to stay close-ish to my macro goals, but I am finding it a little more challenging than the previous weeks distribution. Likely a habit thing, rather than it actually being hard.

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Week 3 and 4 Plan


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