Day 6, Saturday Chaos

Week 3, Day 6

Here Saturdays are full of chaos. We run 4 separate virtual karate classes and we get our own practice in for 90 minutes somewhere in between there. I love them, however…

However, the weeks get very long. Where most people enjoy their weekend with relaxation and self care time, we yell at kids to stay on the screen… okay, it is not that bad. Honestly, I would not trade it for anything in the world. That being said, it does make for a labour-intensive start to the weekend.

It’s a good thing. I have been reflecting on my daily step counting. I tend to take my daily walks/jogs (yes, I have added more jogging, more on that later), for the purpose of reaching my step goal. This is not a bad thing, I am getting my steps and daily exercise. However, I would like to see my daily steps increase as a result of being more active during the day. Like my walk steps would be on top of my 10,000. I know I am dreaming in techni-colour here as I spend most of my time sitting at my desk studying, or coding or editing or what have you. There are days where I have taking a grand total of 2,000 steps after I walk to the dojo to teach. So how am I going to improve this daily movement. I do pace around the house when my watch yells at me and I am not “in” class.


Karate45 min30 min90 minutes, not including teaching time
Strength TrainingKettlebells
Stretching3 min3 min3 min
Walk2.60km (C25K)4.27km (C25K)
2.01km walking
3.07km (outdoors)
Water2,750 mL1,500 mLI apparently forgot to log any 🙁
Fasted22 hr22 hr21 hr
Protein36%35% (all veg based)34%
YAY or NayYAYYay, even with the low water.Fail, forgot to log water

So my plan going into this second week… Well, the week starts tomorrow but whatever. My kettlebell training will be back on my best days, I did something last week to my schedule which completely screwed it up. I will be doing it this afternoon so I hit my 3 for the week, but I don’t know what happened. That is neither here nor there. Back to the discussion at hand. Plan for the second week. More movement throughout the day. I think this will have to involve a lunchtime stroll everyday. Scheduled water breaks, I don’t understand why or how I am struggling with this whole water thing, I am either over or under thinking it, not sure which. So I will be scheduling it out. Structured personal karate practice. For the last bit, I have been reviewing all the stuff I have been working on everyday, but it feels like there are certain aspects of my own training that are missing. So I have created a daily schedule of what to cover.

And that’s about it for this check in.

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