Week 3 and 4 Plan

Alrighty, looks like we are ready to continue this experiment in my wellness journey. This segment of the journey will begin January 25th and will finish on February 7th, inclusive.

Let’s get the starting information out of the way.

Starting Weight: 104.1 kg

Starting Hips: 117 cm

Starting Waist: 102 cm

WHR (waist to hip ratio): 0.87 (the ideal for women is 0.85, and for men 0.9 according to the WHO)

I am looking for another unit to measure during this journey but I have yet to come up with one.

Karate Training:

I would like to do my own practice for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. I somehow managed to struggle with this last month. Keep in my this is separate to my teaching and leading duties. In an ideal world, this practice will take place prior to my weekday practice class with students.

As usual, Saturdays will have a one hour class style practice, and I will fit in the Sunday practice.


I will not rewrite my teaching schedule, if you want to look at it you can find in here. It has not changed, we do not take days off. We’re badasses like that.


Here is where the bigger changes will be.

I will be keeping with the 10,000 steps every day. I debated increasing them, however, I am not sure my schedule will allow it. So I am going to add a different element to it. I will be following the annoying as f*ck reminders from my watch to move. Right now, a ton of my day time hours are spent on my tush, working from the computer, and then my evenings are non-stop classes, workouts, etc. Obviously if my watch goes off while I am in class, there is little I can do about it, but if I am working, regardless of what task I am performing, some pacing will take place until I “clear the move bar”.

I will be continuing with my kettlebell HIIT style work out for these two weeks. I may have finally gotten the hang of it. I will do this 3 times a week. We will see about changing it up with the next goal.

Stretching, okay for real this time. I will be doing some daily stretching. I will be alternating or amalgamating, depending on time and willingness between yoga and the foam roller. I would very much like to have some sort of flexibility goal beyond that, but this is not the month for that.

The walks… I hate walking, did I mention this before? I find it terribly taxing to motivate myself to do them. However, once I have started and when I am finished I am very grateful that I have done them. So outdoor vs indoor? 2 km vs 5 km? What to do? I am encouraged by my impromptu jog on the treadmill the other day and would like to add that in. A runner I am not, I am prone to shin splints, and ankle issues, and hip issues, and my chest hurts… All this to say higher impact is rough, but I did it successfully, albeit for a short period of time. So here is how I would like to break it down to an attainable goal, that does not brutalise my body before it is ready. The daily minimum remains 2 km. At least 3 times a week, I will hit a minimum of 5 km. I will not add in jogging just yet, but it will mean less time on the treadmill if I do so (though my jogging speed and fast-paced walking are almost the same lol). No, you know what, let’s make it a goal. Every time I use the treadmill for my walk, I need to add in 2 intervals of jogging. If the walk is outdoors, no jogging. Icy sidewalks+fat ass+warfarin=not a good plan!

Let’s recap cause that was a lot of rambling. Minimum 2-5 km per day. If walking indoors, minimum of 2 intervals of jogging within the walk. Steps will be counted, but hopefully the majority will come from movement throughout the day. Beautiful. Moving on.


Water: I am adding a water goal here, because I am either really good about it, or dry as sand paper. So the goal here is 3 L every day.

IF: I am guessing most people would be thrilled about leaving the 20:4 IF pattern I have been following, but I am not! So I am keeping it. It is working for me. It is not a struggle. I am not suffering any adverse effects like some people, ie constipation, nutrient deficiency, starving all day, etc. So I will be keeping that eating pattern.

Protein: 35%

Carbs: 40%

Fats: 25%

Why this distribution? No idea. When I was looking into different ratios, specifically those geared to weight loss, I found the carbs very low for some. The protein low for others, the fats really really low. I debated dropping the protein down, some of my research suggested that would be a good plan, however, with the fasting, I am not sure my body could handle it to be honest. I will try at some point. But these next two weeks are not the time.

Meatless Meals: My mother gave me crap about eating too much animal protein, fair enough. So these next two weeks, we will be going vegetarian for 3 meals out of the week. (Not vegan, sorry not ready for that challenge yet either).

Calories: no set goal one way or the other. Minimum 1,200 calories, other than that no limit. Just has to fit my macro ratio.


Similar to the last few weeks, there are no clear goals outlined. I just want to enjoy pushing my body and seeing what happens and how I feel.

Expectations and Starting Thoughts:

Getting really annoyed with my watch on a regular basis.

I suspect some continued weight loss, however I think I am more likely to see a change in measurements.

I am thinking the new macro distribution will make increased fat loss. I should really get a scale that does body fat percentage…. Something to look into.

Meatless Meals will be a challenge. I love me some meat! I do have several years of vegetarian eating under my belt, so I am not too worried. More concerned over my protein that high without sending everything else into a tailspin.

I am going to pee myself regularly, I suspect. 😉

Recap Table for Week 3 and 4:

Karate Practice30 minutes/day
Strength Training3 workouts/week
Stretching10 minutes/day
Walks2-5 km/day
Jogging2 intervals/indoor walk
Water3 L/day
Meatless Meals3/week

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