Week 1 and 2 Done!

The first weeks of this recorded journey have been a success! I managed to keep to the plan every day. Not so much the writing about the plan, but as I originally thought, school really took a toll on my time management. Among the first few things that get pushed to the back is writing about this adventure.

Let’s look at the plan:

Karate Training:

My goal of thirty minutes a day was mostly successfully. There were a few days where my own training was a little less, closer to ten or fifteen minutes, however other days were easily 90 minutes. Is it a success though? I am not convinced, I think I could have devoted more time to it. This will be reflected in my next two week plan.


10,000 steps a day was achieved, every single day. There were some days where there was a good amount of pacing inside the house, and then bed as soon as my watch gave me that little trophy. However, that does not take away from the success. So, YAY me!

2km walk per day, definitely achieved most days, not as many outside as I had hoped. Out of the 2 weeks, I really only took walks (specific to exercise) about 6 times. Not horrible but not great. The other days, I was inside on the treadmill. The intention was really just to get my steps in. Either way, I am calling this a success!

3 Strength Training Workouts a week. This was a success! I actually found it harder than I originally thought. Not the workouts themselves, I knew they would be rough. But rather, fitting them in with the steps. I would often find myself running out of time if I had several steps left for the day and still needed to get my workout in. I did managed but it took a lot of mental gymnastics. Success!

Pound Class, as I am co instructor it was not hard to commit to this one. It was very fun when I was following as I find I have more energy and more movement in general lately. So this was so much fun! Success.

Stretching, what can I say about stretching. Beyond the fact that this was a HUGE fail on my part. I was good for the first few days, after shitty app directions and time crunches, this was a total fail.


The 20:4 IF has been amazing, I succeed every day. I had some app fails with this one as well, and then I found Zero. An IF app. It has been a great way to record everything, and see patterns. I really only used the timer, but the app itself seems to have lots of uses. For me, those were less useful, as I use other apps for the same purposes.

Protein, Carbs and Fats. I was successful (within a percentage or two each and every day). Super impressed with myself.

Final Results:

Weight: 104.7 kg. A loss of 1.3 kg. So not bad for 2 weeks. Honestly I would have thought it would be higher given the overall calorie deficit. Though I was not counting my calories, only looking a my macro distribution I did end up with a whooping 19,143 over the two week period, about a 1,000 calories deficit daily. Mathematically, I should have lost 2.7 kg. But as we all know, the body doesn’t listen to math, and body changes weigh differently.

Unfortunately, I totally goofed and forgot to do any measuring prior to starting this adventure. This makes it very difficult to see any changes beyond the scale at the moment. However, my clothing feels different and I notice body changes.

Final Thoughts:

Protein Powder: I have finally understood it’s purpose. I has been a life saver!

There are only so many cans of tuna an individual can and should eat during a meal.

Time management is not my forte.

Active teaching burns a heck of a lot of calories. This has made my classes and practices more engaging for students, and myself. I am enjoying teaching a lot more. (And I loved it a lot to begin with.)

20:4 IF is my favouritest thing right now. It makes meal planning super easy. Takes a lot of pressure off during the day. I find I have a lot more energy than I was expecting, and was not difficulty for me to maintain. I am still not convinced it is a great plan long term, but I truly see the benefits. I will be writing a piece specific to this aspect of my journey shortly so I don’t want to elaborate too much here. Suffice it to say, it’s been great for me.

Macro counting is a weird one. Some days it was the easiest thing I have ever done as far as meal planning. Other days it was a complete struggling of just added subtracting, performing handstands… I do have to say I enjoyed it far more than standard calorie counting.

My energy level has been through the roof. My body feels lighter. It’s been amazing. I even ran on the treadmill a bit, because it felt like the thing to do. So something is working well!

So that concludes the first two weeks of this journey. I am planning my next two weeks even as I typed.

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