Day 3, Tuesday Teaching and Early Starts

Lessons learned yesterday. Start getting your steps in earlier in the day so you are not pacing in circles (unless you like pacing, you do you). Since I have a bunch of work that will need me to be sitting, the goal today is to get an outdoor walk in this morning. I will be saving my stretching for after my Kettlebell workout. I also have 2 classes to teach and a practice to lead. So time is most definitely not on my side.


TasksNotes and Accomplishments
Karate2 hour (30 min leading practice, 60 min teaching, 30 min training)
Walk4.3 km outside
Stretching13 minutes
Fasted21 hours or so, my app got all screwed up
Success or Fail?Definitely a success

Morning Thoughts

I think after, what, 9 days of intermittent fasting I have finally managed to get the washroom situation under control. Not under control so much as, accepted the fact that I will basically be attached to my toilet for the first few hours of the day. Not for the reasons you are thinking, no diarrhea on this end. I have to pee constantly. Likely due to a combination of starting my day with 750mL of water followed by an unGodly amount of black coffee. Followed by more water. I am not sure why my water consumption increased so much. But there you have it, lots of peeing over here in the morning. As stated though, it is definitely getting better, I am getting better at realising the tingle means tinkle otherwise you are walking around with wet undies, and no one wants or needs that right now.

Afternoon Thoughts

I am hardcore craving a tuna melt, so I opened up MyFitnessPal and did all my checks and balances to make that happen. Great thing is, supper is planned. Not so great thing is, I still have to wait. For week 2, I might plan all my meals ahead of time. What I don’t like about that though, like today for example, craving a certain food. If I had something planned already I would probably eat the planned meal, think about the craving meal, and do some stupid eating, or satisfy the craving but in an unbalanced fashion. I really

Evening Thoughts

So much tiredness. Not like a unhealthy amount, but it was a long day. Got my kettlebells in this afternoon, then my yoga stretching. I had downloaded some “Beginner Yoga” app. I uninstalled it, so much stupid. Movements were ridiculous for the beginner, so going to speak with my mother tomorrow to come up with something that will work best for my purposes. I fit in a lot of stuff today and added in a long, conclusion of the day is not something I have the energy for. So I’m going to end the day here and see what happens tomorrow.

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