Day 2, Monday is for Motivation?

Week 1 Day 2

Well all see them #motivationMonday quotes and pictures, and tips and tricks, oh my. I have a love hate relationship with Motivation Mondays, some times, my favourite thing and I am all in. Other days they just seem like a slap in the face or some sort of attempt at selling me the latest fad diet craze, protein smoothie thing.

I guess it all depends on where you are in the moment. Well, today is not one of those days where I hate it, so scrolling through IG and Twitter to see what sort of motivation I can find. I am feeling very intrinsically motivated and not really feeling the need to look at other people’s journeys but hey, every now and then you find some gems.


TasksNotes and Accomplishments
Karate30 mins leading 30+ mins training
Walk3.44 km
Stretching26 mins of yoga
Fasted23 hours (not on purpose)
Success or Fail?I’m calling the macros close enough. Yay success

Morning Thoughts

Been thinking about how yoga makes me angry. Does anyone else react like that to yoga? Stretching in general frustrates me but there is something about yoga that opens up this sort of rage monster. Might be this sort left side/right side disconnect I have. Seriously nothing makes you more aware than f*cking yoga. You might read this and think, “well, she just doesn’t know ‘real” yoga…” or whatever. My mother loves her yoga, has been practicing it since well before the yoga craze hit, I even went to classes with her as a child. Hated it then, hate it now.

So why do something you hate? In this case, the health benefits far outweigh the angry moments during and after. So Imma fake it until I make it, or bonfire my yoga mat on the balcony, whichever happens first.

Afternoon Thoughts

So I spent way too much of my evening trying to get my steps in. The treadmill walk was fantastic, but I don’t walk particularly quickly and time was closing in to when I need to teach and train. So I am going to have to plan my day much better, hell, even today I wanted to do my kettlebells, and you know what? No time! Ran out completely! HOW? It makes no sense to me. At least I have some play in what days I do my strength training so pushing that to tomorrow and will make sure I walk in the morning. Maybe before my stretching. We’ll see.

Evening Thoughts

As I thought, my macro counting is a struggle. I said to myself, “Nic, it worked yesterday, so just make the same.” Plan, perfect, let’s do this thing. Other than the fact that I ended up holding my fast for far longer than intended (see previous statement about bloody steps), all was going perfectly. Ran out of broccoli, no problem, I got zucchini. Add up all the things, measure all the fat things (that’s the one I am most careful in measuring, veg I just eyeball and use words like bunch, medium, half, etc.). All worked out, got everything balanced, and then my beautiful child (who is not a child but man, and shhh don’t tell I referred to him as child)… With nothing but the best of intentions, he struts into the kitchen, watching me make this meal, that he will not eat because he doesn’t like the same thing twice (he makes his own meals, I am so not making two meals, I’ll add extra if he partakes, sh*t I am digressing again. So well intentioned man, this human being who I made opens the fridge, probably with gusto, imagine gusto, and casually grabs and apple. Well, that delicious smell, that crisp sound biting into, well, I’ll be damned if I am not going to eat an apple too.

OMG what did I do to myself, my simple supper became a complicated game of balance between my macros. All while my omelette was cooking. After 23 hours of not eating. (I type my foods into myfitnesspal before I commit. I wanna say pro tip but that would be pretty close to a lie) I got close enough and really I am happy with what I ate but this is some intense eating. I had to take a break. There was cursing, my son is laughing. But I ate that apple and enjoyed every single morsel!!!

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