Day 3, Tuesday Teaching and Early Starts

Lessons learned yesterday. Start getting your steps in earlier in the day so you are not pacing in circles (unless you like pacing, you do you). Since I have a bunch of work that will need me to be sitting, the goal today is to get an outdoor walk in this morning. I will be saving my stretching for after my Kettlebell workout. I also have 2 classes to teach and a practice to lead. So time is most definitely not on my side.

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Day 2, Monday is for Motivation?

Week 1 Day 2

Well all see them #motivationMonday quotes and pictures, and tips and tricks, oh my. I have a love hate relationship with Motivation Mondays, some times, my favourite thing and I am all in. Other days they just seem like a slap in the face or some sort of attempt at selling me the latest fad diet craze, protein smoothie thing.

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