Day 1, Sunday is for resting right?

Week 1 Day 1

No, Sundays for me are never a day of rest. I did my strength training yesterday, so thankfully I don’t have to commit that time. I do however have a Winter Challenge for Karate Training which with cover my training goal for the day and hopefully a good number of steps.


TasksNotes and Accomplishments
Karate Practice90 minutes
Walk4.71 km
Stretching10 minutes
Fasted21.5 hours
Success or Fail?SUCCESS! F*ck Yeah!!!

Morning Thoughts

Woke up early, around 5h30. Slight headache likely due to insufficient water yesterday. Going to aim for at least 3.5L on days where there is strength training. By the afternoon I only have about 200 steps, so oops, gotta do something about that.

If the fasting were new to me today, I imagine I would be struggling with it. I wish I had logged my first day experience earlier, oh well.

Afternoon Thoughts

Well karate practice and winter challenge complete. Freezing out there so going to get me steps in via the treadmill today.

Evening Thoughts

Food is so good. By evening that is usually all I can think of and spend so much time cooking. Today I was really impressed with my macro counts. Got it almost bang on, which is impressive. So to end the day, some images of delicious food I had for my meal.

Egg white, mushroom, broccoli, cheese scrambled goodness
Tabouleh ish salad, whole wheat couscous, parsley, mint, tomato, cucumber

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