Week 1 and 2 Plan

Alrighty, here we are. Here is the plan for Week 1 and 2. Which Starts January 10th.

Starting weight: 106.0 kg (taken Jan 9th after workout)

Starting Waist:

Starting hips:

Karate Training:

One hour class style training per week (Saturdays)

30 minute practice each day, minimum


10,000 steps (according to my VivoActive3) minimum

2km walk minimum daily, preferably outdoors

3 strength training workouts a week

Weekly one hour Pound Class (leading and partaking during the hour)

Stretching, daily

Martial Arts Teaching:

Starting: January 11

Kids Karate Practice 30 minutes weekdays

Kids Karate Classes 2 x 30 minute classes a week

Kids Kickboxing 1 x 60 minute class a week

What Does That Look Like:

Please note: Weight training (WT) days are flexible, the consistent part will be a day of rest in between.
KTr = Karate Training (Self Directed) | WT = Weight Training | KP = Karate Practice (Leading) | KTe = Karate Teaching | PF = Pound Fitness | KKT = Kids Kickboxing Teaching | KTC = Karate Training Class


20:4 Intermittent Fasting, essentially OMAD

Protein: 30%

Carb: 35%

Fats: 35%

Calories, keeping track but no real calorie goal other than making sure I get enough nutrients.


I imagine there will be some weight loss giving the potential calorie deficit with IF.

Being exhausted. The movement aspect of these two weeks is high, so I assume there will be some tiredness happening.

Going through at least one tube of Volteran.


I have no specific goal during Week 1 and 2. Really, I just want to get acquainted with how my body will respond with this plan.

Really my goals right now are centred around actually accomplishing what I have challenged myself to do.

Some Full Disclosure Notes:

  1. By January 10th, I will been following IF 20:4 for a week. I wanted to check it’s sustainability before committing to longer.
  2. I have done this strength training workout twice prior to January 10th.
  3. I suck at problem macro counting meal prep. Chances are the percentages I am aiming for will be off regularly. I will be sure to let you know.
  4. This is happening at the beginning of a lockdown with a curfew, so I will be getting my steps in earlier, which is likely to result in much higher step counts.
  5. I am returning to school during this time period as well. Because I didn’t think it was enough of a challenge (please read with heavy sarcasm).

Some Before I Start Thoughts

The fuel part is going to be the most challenging part for me. I struggle with macro balancing and have been unable to find a OMAD style meal plan that is a) free b) fits my macro ratio. But I am pretty creative and will try my best.

The stretching will also be a challenge. I am not very good about making it a priority. I have an app on my phone that has reminded me to stretch for 2 years now, every morning at 8am. I have done so twice during that time. Sure I will do an after workout quick stretch but never anything substantial or, in all honesty, effective.

Follow Along:

Week 1 and 2 Done!

Week 1 and 2 Done!

Day 3, Tuesday Teaching and Early Starts

Day 3, Tuesday Teaching and Early Starts

Day 2, Monday is for Motivation?

Day 2, Monday is for Motivation?

Day 1, Sunday is for resting right?

Day 1, Sunday is for resting right?


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