Week 9 and 10 Plan

So what is the plan for the next two weeks? Honestly, it is taking me ages to figure out what my plan will be. Is that because I have figured out the magical formula? Hell no. I am just running out of ideas without it being insanely extreme.

Starting off:

Weight: 96.4 kg

Hips: 107 cm

Waist: 91.1 cm

Body Fat Percentage: 39.8%

VO2Max: 37

The Plan:

So I am going to try and simplify my plans, more for reading ease than anything else. And if I want to rant about various specific things, I will write a post or tweet or smoke signal or telegraph or whatever later on. So let’s break it into easy departments. Movement and Fuel. A couple of subcategories for each one and go from there. I have been mostly doing this, but time to add some actual structure.



I know you might be tired of hearing about it and given how rarely I actually talk about my karate training you would think it was backburner, but no. Still at the forefront, just seems to be getting repetitive as it is not really an evolving goal, in terms of time. I will however be adding some more intensity.

Weight Training:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. So increased from 3 times per week to 4.


11,000 per day

Walking and Jogging:

I would like to get 5 km in every single day. Not convinced I will manage but let’s try it. This is whether I am walking or jogging, don’t really care how the 5 km get in.

Jogging Intervals:

I am increasing my jogging interval to 120s with 90s walking in between. Repeat 6 times. With warm up and cooldown this is less than 30 minutes. We’ll see how that goes.

Cardio, Aerobic, etc.:

I would like to get 30 daily minutes of aerobic heart rate exercise a day, so for me that is the 130-147 bpm range. I would like to combine this goal with my karate training rather than the tabata like with previous weeks.

Flexibility, Stretching and Yoga:

15 minutes daily.



As usual not obsessing about the calories count. Will be aiming somewhere between 1200-1600 daily.









Continuing with the 20:4, OMAD style eating. I might add in a 48 hour fast just to see if I can do it, but that is not part of my goals.


I am expecting to struggle a little with the higher protein. It’s not like a drastic increase but enough given that I have been at 35% for some time now.


That 120s jog interval is huge for me. I am really hoping to manage it. I think I will. I don’t know if I can explain clearly how big a deal that is for me. Perhaps in a future post.

Continuing the focus on increasing VO2Max.


Debated removing my OMAD style of eating, but decided not to in the end. I find the meal prep so much easier, less dishes, and macro balancing is just so much easier.

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